Air Gear is a shonen manga and anime by the mangaka Oh!Great. Air Gear is about the life of Itsuki Minami (Ikki), also known as Baby Face and Lil (Little) Crow, and his friends. Their stories follow the use of Air Trecks, an in-universe invention derived from inline skates. The early parts of the story carry out the introduction of characters that eventually join Ikki. As the story progresses, it focuses on their role as Storm Riders and their quest to be at the top of the Trophaeum Tower. It won 2006 Kodansha Manga Award in the shonen category.

The anime of Air Gear is on Adult Swim in the US and Austrailia. It first aired on April 4, 2006 and ended on September 27, 2006. The manga had its first run in May 16, 2003 and is still ongoing today.


Itsuki "Ikki" Minami, is a student and a delinquent. Also known as the "Unbeatable Babyface", Ikki is the leader of the youth gang by the name of "East Side Gunz" (Hikatsuganzu). Upon his return home, after being humiliated by a Storm Rider team called the Skull Saders, Ikki discovers a secret hidden from him by his benefactors, the Noyamano sisters. The sisters belong to a group of Storm Riders who go by the team name of Sleeping Forest. In the anime, learning the sisters' secret angers him and he steals a pair of Air Trecks, abbreviated as "AT". (In the manga, the sisters give a pair of ATs to him and invite him to skate with them.) Ikki eventually settles his grudge with the Skull Saders, but in the process he receives more than the simple satisfaction of revenge. Determined to experience the sensation of "flight" for as long as he can, Ikki is quickly engaged in the mysterious, irresistible world of Air Treks.


Sports, Action, Comedy, Ecchi

Main CharactersEdit

Itsuki "Ikki" Minami (anime voices: Kenta Kamakari & Chris Patton)

The main protagonist of the story, he was given Air Trecks (in the anime, he took them himself) and soon delved into the world of Storm Riders. Eventually he creates a team, Kogarasumaru. Originally trained to become the Sky King by Sora, he soon finds himself betrayed by Sora himself and Nike (Sora's twin brother) whom steals his Regalia. Shortly thereafter, Ikki becomes the Storm King and follows the "Hurricane Road."

Kazuma "Kazu" Mikura (anime voices: Kenn & Clint Bickham)

A long-time friend of Ikki, who's always by his side. He is a speed-type rider who has recently inherited the title of Flame King following the path of the flame road along with Spitfire's old AT's. Due to his speed he got the nickname Stealth. Recently, however, Aeon Clock, proven to still be alive, stole the flame regalia from Kazu.

Onigiri anime voices: Masami Kikuchi & Greg Ayres)

Also a long-time friend of Ikki, he is a "perverted pig" as called by most. He has an unorthodox riding style, wearing one of his Air Trecks on his head and riding it upside-down. He has his own unique Road called the Smell Road, which uses an opponent's senses against them.

Issa Mihotoke "Fats Buccha" (anime voices: Hitoshi Bifu & Mark X. Laskowski)

Formerly of the Team Yaou (Night Kings), he was defeated by Ikki and his team was forced to disband. Eventually, he joins Ikki's team as one of the main power riders, making use of his extremely large build and strength.

Agito/Akito/Lind Wanijima (anime voices: Kokoro Kikuchi & Blake Shepard)

The Fang King with a split-personality. Akito is the "light" side while Agito is the "dark" side. They used to work for the police team of "WIND" until inspired by Ikki to leave and join Kogarasumaru after being rescued. Their split-personality changes depending on the side their eye patch is worn. Akito wears his patch on his right eye, Agito on his left. Later, a new personality named Lind emerged. Lind is somewhat like a "big brother" personality. He claims he is the original personality of the body.