"To understand DEATH, is to travel from hell and back with an appreciation of freedom. It is to know the value of a life, and know what it means to take it. DEATH, is when someone is enlightened by the ultimate loss."-Alistar Ryze

The current Strife King of the Rift Road. Alistar is also one of the four horseman of Team Revalation . He is the
horseman of Death.

A-T's and Abilities

Alistar was originally a rider of the Over Road, so he is a fan of the windmill theory. He then studied under the principles of the Wing, Bloody, and Gabishi Roads to create the Rift Road. As as result of his dexterity, he is a master at "Catching Moon Drops " throughout his body. He has trained as a monk, so he has a strong, sturdey, and lean physique. However, it is not too noticible because he suffers from the rare condition in which the muscle fibers are seven times more dense then the average human called Myostatin - related Muscle Hypertropy. Alistar's regalia, Crescent Shattering Fang, has an additional feature which a small turbine is strapped to his back with 8 hollow sword hilts attached to it. The Turbine is activated at the same time as the original regalia pieces through an electrical signal.

Tricks and other Techniques

Wing Road

Alistar rides the surface of the wind currents arround him, giving him the appearance of flight.

Moon Hop

Alistar "Catches Moon Drops" while mid free fall, to land softly and in any position he wishes. He can also use this to dissipate attacks and make them have a slightly lighter impact, also to relieve pressure off of his body.

Swift Ride

Alistar kicks upwards vertically, slicing the air, creating an "Air Rift" and riding through it while controlling his movements by "Catching Moon Drops" on several ends of his body. At this point he is traveling at nearly blinding speeds and appears with his leg above his opponent's head and smashes down with ground crushing force. If he wishes to, he can use that second swing to slice through the air and repeat the process. This trick only allows him to travel 50-100 feet MAX. The downward kicks put some moderate strain on the swinging leg.

Omega Piercing Fang

Alistar fires two crossed fangs and a shell from the Gabishi Road giving this attack less of a cutting effect and more of a powerfull piercing effect

Charged Turbine: Effortless Glide

An advanced version of Swift Ride where Alistar interfaces with the air by clasping his palms in a brief and powerfull slicing motion to create the air rift. Instead of constantly interfacing with the air around his body to maneuver, he uses the back piece of his regalia to controll his movements. The turbines feed air into sword hilts allowing Alistar to control witch hilts are open, in turn, controlling his movements. This is one of Alistar's Infinity Atmosphere Tricks.

Charged Turbine: Wind Sword

Alistar fills the sword hilt with preassurized air. He is then able to pull them out and, for an extremeley brief moment, strike with them like swords. This is another Infinity Atmosphere Trick.

Charged Turbine: Octopus Dagger

Alistar revs his regalia's turbine, releasing extreme ammounts of compressed, spiraling, streams of wind that are used as flexible piercing tentacles. He can only hold this trick for 5 minutes before the gathered wind runs out. He must then do a total of 10 minutes worth of riding before activating the effect again, 1 second too early and the regalia piece explodes on his back. This is another Infinity Atmosphere Trick.

Charged Turbine: Infinite Assault

Alistar attempts to stab his opponent with all eight Wind Swords consecutively.

more tricks comming soon...