The Blast Regalia is the Regalia of the Blast King of the Sonic Road, Van Sahashi. The name of the Regalia cores Razor Wind.



1st FormEdit

Razor Wind's basic wheel form. They each have a spiral pattern engraved on each side.

2nd FormEdit

Razor Wind opens up into several wings, similar to the Wind Regalia. This form is used for creating high-speed gusts of wind and focuses mainly on speed.

3rd FormEdit

Razor Wind's wings straighten out into several blade-like wings. This form is focuses mainly on power, by assisting in the creation and manipulation of Fangs. When used to its full extent, Van often displays use of elongated and curved fangs comparable to whips of Thorns.


Sonic BladeEdit

Van's signature trick. The user gathers and fires inertial energy, but instead of firing it through sweeping kick and creating the normal crescent shaped fang, the user fires it through a direct thrust, creating a straight blast, resembling a blade rather than a fang.

Sonia's FangEdit

The Sonic Road's signature trick. A fang technique where the user fires a gigantic curving fang, resembling the Sonia Road's thorn whips, hence the name.