CrossRoads is a Storm Rider team created by Van Sahashi and his friends.


CrossRoads is created by Van not long after the story begins

After defeating many storm rider teams, rapidly rising through the ranks of the Trophaeum, and the subsequent creation of the Sonic and Electron Roads, the team decides to prepare for the upcoming GS Tournament by challenging former members of Genesis to not only test their skills as riders, but also gain their regalia parts.


Van SahashiEdit

The current leader and a founding member. He is an Speed and Power-Type rider, a former rider of the Wing Road, and the current Blast King of the Sonic Road. Because of his ability to deliver fast widespread attacks, he often plays the role of CrossRoads' Ultimate.

Izumi NonakaEdit

A founding member. She is an Defensive-Type rider and rides the Wave Road. She is the most experienced member of the team. Because of her ability to make large obstacles for opponents, she he usually plays as the Keeper or Middle.

Daniel NunezEdit

A founding member and Van's childhood friend. He is a Speed-Type rider, a former rider of the Rising Road, and a rider and creator of the Electro Road.

Hitomi TakizawaEdit

A founding member. She is a Speed-Type rider and a veteran of the Flame Road. She usually plays the role of the Panther or Decoy.

Riku SakakiEdit

A founding member and Van's former rival. He is a Power-Type rider and rides the Gaia Road.

Hibiki SaotoméEdit

As one of the teams tuners, she is a rider of the Ring Road. Unlike most who ride the Ring Road, Hibiki is not only a skilled rider and A-T mechanic, but she is also able to use the Ring Road's principles offensively.

Parts WarsEdit