The Cyclone Regalia: Typhoon Boom, is a Regalia owned by the Vortex King of the Cyclone Road , Kyo Haruki


The Cyclone Regalia was a fusion of the core of the Lather Regalia some parts of the sub regalia of the Rumble Regalia ans some of the sub regalia of the Fang Regalia. It was made for Kyo by the Tool Toul to to show their appreciation for when he recovered their stolen equipment. 


The Cyclone Regalia is all of the A-T.It looks like any other normal A-T apart from the two small barrels on the sides which look like Jet engines of a plane. When activated the miniture tubines in the barrels begin to spin and the fold out, similar to the Fang Regalia except it fold out to a lesser degree. The Regalia was designed to be able to quickly condense any kind of water vapour by sucking it through the engines. The Core would then heat up the air, making it warmer than the wheels, in order to condense it onto the wheels. The water is then manipulated and controlled by the principles of the Over Road.


1st Stage - In this stage Cyclone Regalia's wheels fold out similar to the Fang Regalia. This allows the user to ride on water. The two little jet engines on the side also stick out a bit so that the condensation of water can happen almost instantly.

2nd Stage - In the second stage the wheels fold up and stick to the soles of the Regalia  transforming it into to a hoverboot like state. The wheels can spin at a rapid rate allowing tornados of any size ro be created. It also gives the user ability to hover along the ground as well as water.


Water Clone - The rider blows out a combination of wind and water beside him to make water clones. Tehy can't move so they can only be used as a decoy.

Steam Blast - The rider release a large cloud of steam in order to decrease the vision of the opponent. This is best used in conjuntion with the water clone.

Water Glider V.2 - The water under the rider's feet now makes a Manta Ray shape

Infinity Atmosphere: Pressure Damage - Kyo creates a bubble filled with water that traps his opponents inside with him. On top of the drowning affect for the opponent Kyo then repeatedly spins and releases high pressure steam shockwaves around him. Knocking around the opponent while inside the bubble.