The Cyclone Road is a balance type road which focus equally on all aspects of Offense and Defense. The road is a hybrid of the Wave, Bloody and Over Roads. The King of this road is called the Vortex King


  • The rider can create water through the condensation of water vapour through the rotation of the wheels
  • The rider can adapt the windmill theory in order to manipulate the created water.
  • The rider can create a surface of high tension  water molecules in order to ride practically anywhere.
  • The rider can use the "Slice" ability from the Bloody Road and can combine it to make high pressure waves of water, bubbles and steam.


The only known rider of this road is Kyo Haruki


The Cyclone Regalia: Typhoon Boom is a very special regalia. It looks like any other normal A-T apart from the two small barrels on the sides which look like Jet engines of a plane. When activated the miniture tubines in the barrels begin to spin and the wheels fold out, similar to the Fang Regalia except it fold out to a lesser degree.

The Regalia was designed to be able to quickly condense water vapour into water which can be unleashed to do deadly water, steam and explosive bubble attacks


Water Glider - The user rides on a surface of water with high surface tension.

Wind Absorption- Rotating the wheels in a peel out the rider can absorb wind based attacks.

Roaring Wave: The user does a basic fang kick which releases a wave of highly compressed water at his opponent. The wave is wide enough to damage opponents and send them flying.

Infinity Atmosphere: Pressure Damage: Kyo does exactly what he does for Whirlpool Panic except this time he creates a sphere filled with water. On top of the drowning affect for the opponent Kyo then repeated spins and releases high pressure steam waves around him. Knocking around the opponent while inside the bubble.