The Fallen Angels is an Above A Class Team; King or even higher, a rank called S Class. Their goal is not winning the tournament as every team is doing, they have ulterior reasons fighting and riding

Team MembersEdit

Their Leader, Exodus is a strange character as his past, his full name, and his skills as a rider are a mystery as even without using his road, he is able to take down Kogarasumaru and force the Current Thorn Queen to her knees just by staring at her. It is presumed his road works with the element of Fear. Exodus is a name given to be a myth among the Bible. As such, Exodus is as great as a Book of God, but he sees himself as the Knowledge of the Demon Book. He is, an "Zero" Type Rider. His Class is not registered

The second in charge and the only one who knows Exodus like a brother is Lucifer. Lucifer is the many myths and religion as the Fallen Angel before his name was changed to Satan. He is the Archangel of God. Lucifer's skills on the battlefield is nothing to be trifled with. He is able to take down an A - Class Team without even using all his power, as noticed in his battles. Lucifer's road works on the same principles as the Flame Road, but Spitfire would not be even get close of catching up to Lucifer as Lucifer's Road is an Advanced Road, of being able to combine multiple Roads. Demon, Flame, Hell, Solar, Light and Meteorite. First Road he has used is the basic, Flame Road, where he is able to create an after image of himself and use heat to destroy carefully placed chips on the other team member's brains. He is a Speed Type Rider. His is an Above King Class Rider. The Third Strongest Member, as most of the world knows is Jerome, the Heavy Artillery as many presume. But he is Called Gao, the Demon of the earth, by those who have been up against him. Gao is the male name of Gaia, or her brother. Gaia is the spirit of the earth, Gao is the protector of his sister and thus has the power of the Earth within him. Only road that has been shown is the Sound and Particle Road. His official name is the Bass King. His road works on the principle of using sound and vibrations, by vibrating at a high enough speed, anything that is vibrating at that speed can cut through anything if it is thin enough. usually being a thin sleet of sound or wind. He is a Close Combat and Heavy Type Rider. He is a King Class Rider.

The fourth Strongest Member is Sepharim. Sepharim is one of most rudest characters of the group, he will fight against anyone, no matter their age or gender as seen, when he cut down girls to get to the leader. Sepharim's skill is never fully revealed. His road, is something that is based on the Fang Road, but he calls it the Crimson Road. A road that combines the Fang and the Blood Road. His Title is the Vampire King as he is a King Class Rider. His strength and endurance is something to be amazed and fear, as he is able to stop with his bare hands a fang and, has the strength to destroy the Thunder Armor, one of the most strongest metals in the world. It is hinted he is a Genetic Engineered Child, but not a Gravity Child or a Brain Charger but something called N3.He is an All Rounder Type Rider, He isSpeed, Close and Long Distance Combat, Heavy and Light Attack and Defensive Type Rider.

The Last and newest member of the team, only being with team for Three years is Michael, or Poseidon, God of the Seas and Storms. He is named that since he rides, his own created road, The Tidal Road.A principle similar to the Water Queen. Om's Road, yet able to stop waves and gather energy from there and use attacks at the front and back. He is an A Class Rider, but that is because his power has yet to be revealed. He including Sepharim are the only ones not human, as Michael was experimented as a child, later he found he was a Child of Gravity, First generation as his body was put in cryogenic status and only awakened after many years when his comrades and friends were 25 or 30 years of age. He is a Agility and Multiple Enemy Combat Type Rider, as he is able to take down multiple riders at once.

Skills/ R.E.A.DEdit

The Skills and READ of the riders is something not to up against. Each Member is set by rules not to expose their true power in public, only against a powerful team or enemy, as Lucifer, Sepharim, Jerome and Michael showed, they showed they had low battle levels, yet were able to exceed that. Each one has a device, built and constructed by Exodus that limits their AT's power. They usually do not wear their Regalia, as each is hidden by the other member. Jerome may have Lucifer's regalia, while Lucifer may Have Michaels. Exodus' Regalia is never shown. Each member has normal simple ATs that works with their road

Battle CryEdit

Their Battle Cry, is well none have been seen, but each says a line of poetry;

All: Come down from the skies

Lucifer: Burn the Ashes of Time, Archangel of Fire

Michael: Wash away, the blood of those who have sinned, God of Seas

Jerome: Break down and bury the sands of space, Protector of Gaia

Sepharim: Slaughter and Drain the blood of the wicked, Angel of Blood

Exodus: Swallow, Fear, Absorb, Demon of Hell

All: Come together, and Bring hell to this world

Word of WarningEdit

Do not approach them together, if you want to live!