Hibiki Saotomé is a member of Team Crossroads and a rider of the Ring Road.


Abilities & A-T'sEdit

As a rider of the Ring Road, Hibiki displays all of the common abilities seen possessed by tuners. However, she also displays ways to use them in actual combat. She is also a skilled rider and hand-to-hand combatant, which, combined with her tuner abilities, easily makes her a A-Class Storm Rider.


Infinte ScaleEdit

Hibiki is able to access the world of "Infinite Scale". This enables her to repair, modify and/or tune any A-Ts in a matter of seconds.

Rhythm RadarEdit

Like all riders of the Ring Road, Hibiki is able to hear biorhythms and discern between the sound of an individuals A-T. She has also been shown to utilize this ability in battle, as she is able to identify the sound of an opponent or ally's A-T and determine how close they are. Also in conjunction with Izumi's Wave Road, they can amplify sound waves, as sound travels easier through water than air. This can also extend to biorhythms, nulifying the need for the extensive tuning process, enabling to tune even regalia mid-battle.