Izumi Nonaka is the main female protagonist of Souluser1's stories. She is a member of CrossRoads and a rider of the Wave Road.


Izumi is a generally a very kind and energetic girl, even towards total strangers. She cares deeply for her friends especially Van. Despite being a very positive person, she can be very hostile towards people she dislikes, often giving threats to her enemies.

Izumi is in love with Van, a feeling that he returns, and is not afraid to state her feelings openly. In fact, she often takes pleasure in making several perverted and comical advances towards him in front of other people.


Izumi is a well endowed 16-year-old girl. She has short red hair and blue eyes. Her normal riding attire consist of a black skin-tight sleeveless shirt, jogging pants, fingerless gloves, and a pair of goggles.

Abilities & A-T

Izumi is the creator of the Wave Road, a road based off the Wing Road, that utilizes water for all techniques. Although her road's abilities are versatile and can deal devestating and even deadly attacks, due to her non-violent personality, she specializes in defense. For duration of the early parts of the story, Izumi's battle capbilities remain unknown to majority of the cast. It is revealed, during Crossroads' intensive training that she is a King-Class rider, in a mock battle with Van and Koga where her R.E.A.D level went up to 135, and when asked, she said that she was using a little bit more than half power.

Izumi's A-T is Aqua Wing, a model customized to handel the various needs normal A-T's lack in order for her to effectively utilize her road, however, they are not Regalia. At one time Izumi possesed her own Regalia, however, its whereabouts are currently unknown.


Water Glider

Izumi rides on a surface of water with high surface tension.

Crash Wheel

Izumi kicks a wheel of water rotating at high a velocity.