This article is about the grave built in memory of the character Jasper. You may be looking for the character Jasper Spencer, Jasper's Charm.

Jasper's Tomb is a tomb that houses a grave for Jasper  which Levi had created in a secluded area on the estate of a mansion. This tomb was to remeber him and also for Alice to always remember the death of her fiancé.


This is the grave site of Jasper. He lived more than 4 years ago with his fiancé Alice Alford and twin sister Elica Alford. 

Alice would always visit the grave in memory of Jasper and often brought flowers to him; sometimes Ayame went with her. One day when they were visiting the grave, Ayame asked who Jasper was and why his grave was at such a place. Alice said that she was a very important person to Glen, (but later on, it is revealed that Alice was/is the one who loved Jasper, not Glen) and Jasper was in an arranged marriage with Alice which after he was murdered by someone who was never cought.



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