Jeik Garnef is the leader of the Cage group of the Cage Dragon A-T team. he riders the static road and is the Surge King


He takes the appearance of a typical 15-16 year old boy with white hair and crystal blue eyes


He is a laid back easygoing personality but could serious when wanting to and is a notable pervert and womanizer (see when he was watching Izumi clothes fall of and got an erection


He was born in a poor village with unnamed parents and was the only child in his family and had no friends so he was lonely a lot for most of his child hood then his parents died when he was 12 years old so lived with aunt and went to a different middle school. That's when he meet tsuaiku who later introduced air trek to him and asked him to join his team witch he did .

Abilities and A-TEdit

He rides the static road and has static skeleton discharge regalia which are a full body suit and look similar to nues old and new regalia and are the same color as black burns


Static Orb Fang: Jeik collect static energy in his hand and froms it into a ball and then throws it.

Static Blade Wallride 720: Jeik Perfoms a wallride while useing to static ball which allow him to ride higher up the wall

Metal Tempest 1180 : jeik does a 1180 somersault spin in the wheel while drawing metal objects towards him and then he kick the metal object towards other rider.