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"Self SACRIFICE is the utmost form of sacrifice. It is to invest in something, by paying with your very being. Your voice for sight. Your sense of touch for a tounge. Your flesh for freedom."-Kassadin Fread

Kassadin is the current Phoenix King of the Scorch Road. He is also the dragon of Sacrifice of Team Revalation.


At the age of 8, Kassadin was placed under military training by his father; a general in the Japanese army. Hoping that he would one day serve the country, Kassadin's father forced his only son to suffer years of intense training, stripping Kassadin of his childhood. Throughout those years, Kassadin learned the history of war and many secrets of the military, not just in Japan, but of the entire world. At age 15, he realized that the world is corrupted. However, it is not the fault of the people. He blames everything on the idea of rules. The reason people become corrupt, is because there are rules that limit a person's freedom. These rules make people suffer, as well as, break powerful bonds between people. He says that humanity was created for survival of the fittest, not survival of the richest: that the only people who make it in this world, are either those who "read the fine print" or those who "find loop holes"; that modern humanity is willing to "sacrifice" freedom to climb the corporate ladder. He says that the largest cage any creature can be trapped in, is the cage that, currently, 92% of life is trapped in right now. The modern world. Kassadin says, that the lowest atmosphere on this planet is the most difficult one the break free from. It is not the troposphere, but the government itself. Every since this revalation, he was always trying to escape the base, however, with the type of information he had on hand, he could not leave willingly. At age 16, Kassadin discovered A-T's, and it was love at first site. He read about the kings, roads, race types, parts wars, basically everything he needed to know to become a storm rider. Kassadin also researched the history of A-T's and storm riding. He then realized, that all the rules in storm riding was influenced by the poison of the modern world. Kassadin knew that he could not save the "entire" world just yet, so he set a goal to save storm riding and break all of this game's rules to create absolute freedom. He researched the inner mechanisms and built his own A-T's. He escape the military base and set his sites on freedom, even if it meant sacrificing everything materialistic. Still at age 16, Kassadin began entering parts wars and other storm rider events, breaking every rule that ever existed in storm riding. However, Kassadin knew that to have a great enough influence, he needed power. And what better way to gain power, than to become a king. The reason he liked the kings of storm riding was because those kings were actually strong. They ruled over roads because of their power and skill, and not their money. Kassadin then created the Scortch Road, a road combining, what he considered, the two most free roads in the storm riding game, Wing and Flame roads. Since then he has worked towards his dream in freeing the world.

A-T's & Abilities/PersonaEdit

With Kassadin's military training, he has gained a type of strength and endurance that is rarely witnessed. His Scorch Regalia: DoomedVitalita-Hermes was designed to have the front wheel resemble the flame regalia, and the rear wheels resemble the wind regalia. He also added an additional feature in his metallic gloves; the back ends of the golves detach into 8 shard-like pieces that hover around his hands when the second phase of his regalia activate. The shards of metal stay hovered, like a hot air ballon, by the heat of the gloves: when the air around the gloves is hotter than the surrounding air, the float up and vise versa. He moderates their hovering with heat allong with interfacing with the air or "Catching Moon Drops". His A-T's were hand crafted, using some advance military technology and knowledge. Kassadin is battle-hardened and is alway ready to "sacrifice' hi body for freedom.


Flame RoadEdit

A trick where the user moves at such a high speed, that the friction of the rider's wheels leave tounges of flames where there was footfall.

Spiral Leap: 7000 DegreeEdit

User take s a wide stance with his legs spread and his waist winded. When unwound. the user rotates upward into the air creating a tornado while traveling through it. He can also ignite the tornado; Scorching Spiral Leap.

Pile Tornado: IgniteEdit

Kassadins flame version of the Pile Tornado.

First Phase: Hellbound FurryEdit

Kassadin activates the first mode of his regalia and kicks the ground, digging the front wheel of his A-T's into the ground. He then uses the friction from the wheels the ignite flames, in the direction of the kick, comming up from the ground.