Kyo Haruki is a king level rider and creator of the Cyclone Road.He lives with his older sister and his parents are abroad.


Kyo's personality is usually very calm and relaxed. He never gives up on his friends and never backs down from a challenge, However, though Kyo is no one to anger, if someone he cares about is hurt he will rage. He is also one for taking revenge when offended deeply.


Kyo is a black 17 year old of average height and weight. He has long silver hair with a fringe that covers just above his eyes. He wears a navy blue t-shirt and an orange open hoodie over it. He wears navy blue fingerless gloves with white stripes and navy blue trousers.

Abilites and A-TEdit

Kyo is the Vortex King and creator of the Cyclone Road. Kyo origianlly wanted to follow the Wave Road. Instead of a defensively based style like it's creator, he focused more on a balance and implemented elements of the Bloody Road and Over Road to compliment his casual nature and eventually created the Cyclone Road. He makes a  combination of water and high pressure steam attacks similar to that of Orca. Kyo was thought of fighting style which seems to be a form mixed of kickboxing and Judo. He is a King level rider and ever since he got his Regalia Kyo's R.E.A.D level is about 315.

His A-Ts are the Cyclone Regalia . They are water proofed and the wheels are made of a custom metal which is immune to rust.


Wind Absorption-  Rotating the wheels in a peel out the rider can absorb wind based attacks.

Roaring Wave: Kyo does a basic fang kick which releases a wave of highly compressed water at his opponent. The wave is wide enough to damage opponents and send them flying.

Biting Wave: A thinner variant of the Roaring Wave. I'ts generally the saem except it was desighed to cut the opponent instead.

Whirlpool Panic: Using principles from the Over Road. Kyo peels out in place to absorb the surrounding water vapour, Once he's stored enough. He reverses the peel out and spray's out a large sphere of water.

Rising Dragon - Kyo gathers a column of water in a dragon shaped form. Kyo can then take control of the water dragon and can bite opponents.

Infinity Atmosphere:Pressure Damage: Kyo does exactly what he does for Whirlpool Panic except this time he creates a sphere filled with water. On top of the drowning affect for the opponent Kyo then repeated spins and releases high pressure steam waves around him. Knocking around the opponent while inside the bubble.