"Minami set the pace, but there is a lot more work to be done yet. Now its time for a Trailblazer, one that'll chart territories for everyone else to aim towards. Minami only scratced the surface of the skies deepness, what i wanna do is take it to the next level... See, the sky is only a small part of what we as Storm Riders can aim towards, or rather, i sould say we have yet to see the skies true form. If its the last thing i do, i'll expose that form to the entire world. But above all... he has shown that in the deepest, most cavernous darks of despair, hope can rear its stubborn head. It's time for me to move... at last." -Riders Ambition

Rider Falken
is a "Professional Underground Storm Rider" and is a foreigner who has come to japan from an undisclosed outside country. He is a young boy that has aims of amassing a great deal of fame, fortune, and above all, higher skill as an AT user. He is the former leader of Seraph Wing, a since disbanded, Legendary Storm Rider group and is the current leader of Heavy Gear, a new team he inaverdantly became the leader of upon coming to Japan. Rider is an Underground Celebrity, something he finds difficult to deal with and troublesome. For this reason he tries to keep his identity hidden.

It has become clear that Rider holds a secret that makes him play a far bigger role in the Air Gear universe, going beyond even the traditional main character of a story kind of person. He was stated to be "retired from Air Trek" at one point, though has returned to the extreme sport to "make good on a promise" as described by he himself. It is later revealed that Rider is the one and only "Natural Gravity Child" in existance, and is considered the ancestral progenitor to all the Gravity Children in one way or another, though what this exactly hints at has not been clearly defined as of yet. Above all else, Rider is an incredible Storm Rider with near endless capabilities, and can easily perform King-Level Feats and Tricks without the need of a Regalia or known Tuner to optimize his performance.


Riders character design was overseen by InfinityRider, who also created his concept. When designing Rider, the author wanted to create a unique male character that also fit well into the Air Gear universe without appearing to extravagant. This ultimately lead to a tall, young adult male with long dark hair and stylish glasses. Rider is a masculine, handsome, and somewhat semi-androgynous young male. The reason for Riders somewhat effeminate appearance is because effeminate males in Japan are often considered the peak of physical attraction in men. With the vast number of hypersexualized designs that many of the female characters in the series are known for, such as Simca, Benkei, Rika etc, the author wanted to replicate that in a male character.

In this right, Rider is the only real genuinely Androgynous male in the series aside from Agito,Akito, and Linde Wanijima, without exhibiting overly homosexual beavior. The aim of Riders design was to create a male character that could ultimately appeal to the male audience as a "badass" character and also appeal to the female audience in a way that many of the female characters in the series appeal to male viewers. With his physical appearance, Rider does indeed appeal to many members of the opposite sex in the series atleast every female character holds some degree of affection for him for one reason or anoter.


When he first appears in the series, Rider had a fairly natural personality for a normal man of his age and build. He exhibited a stern and calm nature, and was very proper in his mannerisms, speaking, and behavior. But at the same time, there are many different aspects to his personality. His behavior can change drastically like night and day depending on the situation he is met with. Rider has a great sense of justice and friendship, and exhibits a degree of wisdom and behavior of a man far beyond his years, even going so far as to refer to himself as a "geezer". He has great faith in "the next generation of storm riders" and believes in one way or another, the next generation will alway surpass the previous one.

Rider can also appear to be goofy and immature at times, exhibiting annoying and child-like behavior. He obtains a deadpanning, dry personality when met with raunchy and potentially erotic situations, It is later revealed that Rider is a complete genius of innovation and is potentially the single most intelligent person of is generation. His unique thinking patterns and extremely powerful mind allow him to see through the guises of others and proplery discern their true nature, even if they are hiding it from him. His intelligence also gives him the ability to be an Tuner of incredible talent and skill, his latent ability literally making him his own tuner.


Early LifeEdit

It wasn't until after halfway through the series telling his story that any true light was shed on Riders past and childhood life. For a vast period of time any information regarding his parents, family, or childhood experiences remained in complete and utter secrecy. The true origin of Rider Falken is shocking and extravagant, and places him at the very pinnacle of notable figures in the Air Gear series. Rider was "born in a test tube" as a perfect clone of "him". Though forming in a biogenetic acceleration growth tank, his developing fetus was later places into a woman of unknown identity's womb, where he was birthed from. This was for the purpose of "simulating superhuman childbirth" which would yield the effect of a higher evolutionary.

Abilities & AT'sEdit

Air TrekEdit

Despite his reputation, Rider currently wears a rather commonplace, casual Air Trek. His AT's take the form of casual, modernized sports sneakers with intricate designs and high attention to detail. They look more like shoes than anything else, if one were to overlook the staunt presence of wheels attached to their bases. Rider has fashioned these nameless AT's as a casual labor of love, designing them to perform well in tricks and strenuous activity with them. It is heavily hinted throughout the series that these nameless AT's are far from the true ones that should be worn by him.


Infinity Stride: Infinity Stride is Riders signature trick and the one he is most famous for throughout the underground world of Storm Riders. By Utilizing an unknown road it allows him to accelerate far beyond the highest attainable speed in existance and come to a full stop again just as quickly. Infinity Stride propels Rider so fast that he can effortlessly dodge bullets from point blank range, cross immense distances in the blink of an eye, and completely disappear from ones sight and senses in a split instance. Infinity Stride temporarily makes Rider Hypersonic, and was measured moving at Mach 7 at on point using the trick. This Stride is also what earned Rider the title of "Fastest Thing Alive" during his underground career.


  • "I created Air Trek as a means of uniting The Heavens with The Earth!!, not to be used as a nefarious, coldly calculated weapon of war!!... ever since i was born people have always called me a freak, a monster, what have you!, but deep down i always knew they were envious of my ability!, thats why Air Trek exists!, to bridge the gap between gods and men!, to give humans the ability to soar and nothing more!, i will not have my art become sullied into these... bastardized objects of famine and hate!!, you are doing far more than simply experimenting!, by changing my design you are upsetting the balance of natural order!!, to a potentially irreversable outcome!!... you disgust me. I will have no part in this sacriledge... i will take my leave.. but know this; you have not seen the last of me... Judgement Day will come" -Rider speaks to the founders of The Gravity Children Project
  • "All the lines are tied. Storm Riders are family, you and i, and i am you. You see, it's more than just a sport, its a way of life, a sacred practise. None of you could begin to comprehend the intention of Air Treks original development process. But allow to enlighten you. Right now, you are all only at the surface of the vast sea, that is storm rider deepness. Even the so-called Kings are as good as infants in their cradles, playing about with their toys called Regalia. The true purpose of us Storm Riders, the AT's we ride, and The Gravity Children are all the one and the same, we all meet in the middle.... Air Trek is but a catalyst to breed the key to the future, the next wave of humanity... the perfect beings... for this project, i was the Master Pattern" -Rider explains to Kogarasumaru the haunting truth of AT, and The Gravity Children Project.

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • Riders official, General theme music is Humming The Bassline from the Jetset Radio Future Videogame Original Soundtrack.
  • Riders theme music upon ascending to his "Infinity State" is Revolver Blast by Deluhi. The wailing guitar lines and fast paced, soaring chorus gives the feeling of furiously sailing through the air, in a way, it is a musical experience of what being Rider feels like.