In Air Gear, every Storm Rider places an emphasis on a certain aspect of their "Run", which determines their "Type". Over time, the Rider's Run develops into a characteristic style and repertoire of tricks, which is termed as their "Road". Riders who master a Road to a high degree are called "King-level" riders, and King-level riders who possess their Road's "Regalia" are called "Kings" (Keepers in the official Del Ray and Kondansha Comics translation)

Official RoadsEdit

Wing RoadEdit

The first Road introduced, it is said to be the "purest" of the Roads and closest to thr sky. The Wind Road is broken down into several principles.

  • The rider runs a low pressure current by breaking the barrier front. The rider may also be able to dissipate impact forces throughout their body, greatly reducing injury.
  • The second element is "Gravity Control", or the shifting of one's centre of gravity in order to extend the height and distance of jumps.
  • The third element is "Wings", a phenomenon which takes an existing tailwind and adds the user's own wind to it.
  • The fourth principle is the rider's ability to see and predict the wind and differential pressure via scattering light.
  • The final principle is "Catching Moon Drops", or interfacing with the air. The rider interfaces with and creates a surface of air via differential pressure. This principle is needed to use the Wind Regalia properly.

Flame RoadEdit

The Flame Road is similar to the Wing Roas as both Wind and Fire are said to be "free". There are two main principles to the road.

  • The first is the generation of heat via friction. This can bend light, create updrafts, and create illusions using heat mirages. This ability to create heat is especially useful against the Rising Road; a sufficiently skilled Flame Road rider can nullify all but the strongest Rising Road techniques with their flames.
  • The second is the use of fast and precise attacks to freeze the movement of their victims. These tricks are collectively referred to as "Time". They can also use the "over rev" phenomenon  to their advantage. It's where the victim's brain is using it's resources solely to process vision, and cannot respond to an imminent strike.

Bloody "Fang" RoadEdit

Nicknamed "fang" because of its "slice" characteristic, the Bloody Road is literally carved into the flesh of one's adversary.

  • "Slice" describes the practice of abrupt acceleration and deceleration (0-Max-0) to gain inertial energy, which exerts tremendous pressure on the thigh muscles. Getting hit by a "fang" is described by Ikki as felt like something exploded in front of my body".
  • Bloody Road riders also use chains and hooks to bind their opponent. One of the Bloody Road's underlying themes is imprisonment; a number of Fang Kings have likened their road to being in jail. This attitude even manifests itself in the road's Infinity Atmosphere on more than one occasion.