These are the rules created by the only current admin of Air Gear Fanon Wikia, if anyone has an issue with these rules please message Dj_q-pid or Spit_fire0x0 or YoungEezy27 (even though he ain't and admin)

Rules Edit

1. Be confident in updating pages! Its a wiki so its encouraged. Motivate others to add pages, especially if you're a fan of them. Make your own storylines, roads, characters. However, storylines that conflict or possibly change the actual storyline of the series, will be removed. You may cross your storylines with characters created by other users, with permission of course.

2. Be Civil to all users at all times.

3. Respect Copyright.

4. Do not mercilessy edit other people's pages without asking for permission on the user's talk page. Edits that are not discussed will be removed.

5.Assume good faith; in other words, try to consider that the person on the other end of the discussion is a thinking, rational being who is trying to positively contribute to the project unless, and only unless, you have firm, solid, and objective proof to the contrary. Merely disagreeing with you is no such proof.

6. No personal attacks. Don't write that user such and so is an idiot, or insult him/her (even if (s)he is an idiot). Instead, explain what they did wrong, why it is wrong, and how to fix it. If possible, fix it yourself with permission.

7. Sign your posts on talk pages using four "~" which gets replaced by your username and timestamp when you hit Save. But don't sign on mainspace articles unless it is the New Roads By Fans page, where you signe next to the road you created.

8. Use the preview button; it helps prevents edit conflicts and mistakes.

9. All these rules apply to administrators as well. If you wish to become an administrator, you must message Dj_q-pid or Spit_fire0x0

This page will be edited in the future....