Scarlet Knights

[[Image:Ea6b81ca1324c3f7e4881eafcdac2d22|300px|Scarlet Knights]]

Romaji Name Hiirokishi
Current Leader Alice Alford
Current Members
Status Active

Scarlet Knight was formed by Alice and Jay to further their favorite hobby of Air Treck. Their team ranking in the world of AT increased at a very rapid pace, giving Scarlet fame in London. They came up with the name 'Scarlet Knight' based off of, Scarlet: high intensity: it is not a weak and Knight meaning they will protect each other. Currently, Kogarasumaru has two Kings: Alice, and Jay. Scarlet Knight is ranked A-Class but they say there F-Class but for fun. 

Team MembersEdit

Alice AflordEdit

Known as the Blood Queen by the Scarlet Knights. She is the most feared one of the team also the strongest. Second year of junior high along with Elica, Ikki, Agito, and the rest of the kogarasumaru team and Scarlet Knights. Alice cared for each of the members like siblings but care for Jay differently then the rest since there 'dating'. 

Jay NightrayEdit

Jay is one of the people who formed the team and is second in comend. He is the third strongest of the team. He is curently in a relationship  with Alice but is also a cheater. 

Sharon SayersEdit

The bestfriend and childhood friend of Alice. Sharon doesn't care for anyone even on her team even though she wont hurt them she doesn't care much for there lives; she wont show tha though. Sharon looks up to Alice since she could have anyone wrapped around her finger with fear. Sharon is the second strongest on the team and not as feared as Alice. She tends to break hearts and said by Haruka that shes a "Problem". 

Jasper JonesEdit

Jasper doesn't talk much but he is very usful for the team with his speed and balance. He has feelings for Sharon but he isn't curtain because of her acting and his fear for her. He tends to keep to himself.

Haruka HazeEdit

Haruka is from Japen and the only one that isn't english. He is the only boy that likes guys and girls on the team. Alice teases him for it, making him blush and all. Calling him cute when he looks at boys but in reality she doesn't like it because she consiters him her little brother and must look out for him.

Jack AlfordEdit

Jack was an orfen on the streets and was taken in by the Alford family and when he became 18 he stayed to take care of Alice and help her with anything she needs. 


Ryan Regnard: Alice's tuner and someone who secretly loves her.

Kogarasumaru Team: 

Kururu Sumeragi: The leader of Tool Toul To and Pledge Queen of the Ring Road. She created Alice's Blood Regalia for her (Before she created Ikki's Storm Regalia).


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