Tempest Road

The Tempest Road is a halfway point between the Wing Road and the Hurricane Road. Its sole rider is Deshawn Anderson. This road was first created when Deshawn decided to pass up the title of Storm King. He said he wanted to make a new road to match his wild personality. On that day the Tempest Road was given birth.

The Tempest Road mainly focuses on using both power and speed simultaneously, or even switching off between the two. An example of both being used is when the 2nd Stage of Tempest Regalia is activated. An example of switching off is when the Tempest Regalia is in its 1st Stage.


1.     Shifting the center of the riders gravity in order to extend height and distance of jumps.

2.     "Wings" are created by adding a tailwind to the user's own.

3.     Use of wind for power and maneuverability.

4.     Shifting the wind wildly, making it unpredictable except to the user.

5.     The rider also must be able to interface with air.

6.     Using wind to counter other wind-based attacks.

7.     Producing wind from one's body.

==Tempest Regalia ==

The Tempest Regalia has four separate stages that each have their own abilities. It's made of the Wind Regalia and a sub-regalia version of the Storm Regalia. It's regarded as one of the strongest known regalia.

It's owned by Deshawn Anderson, the sole rider of the Tempest Road.


  • Pile Tornado - The rider gathers the wind in their hands and then turns them in a circular motion making something that looks like a small tornado. They then kick the air with their A-Ts sending a powerful, horizontal tornado.
  • Limited Express - The rider uses Pile Tornado and then jumps into the tornado after they have created it. After this they ride the inner walls of the tornado giving them an extreme burst of speed.
  • Wind Barrier - The rider creates an extremely dense wall of air in front of them.
  • Air Beam - The user fires a beam of what could be compressed air that goes completely straight.
  • Impact Wind - While this does take a lot of the user's strength it's very useful for escaping and countering.
  • Super Extra Velocity - By using the Air Control trick Deshawn can easily accelerate faster than a jet. This is done by firing off compressed air, thrusting Deshawn forward at extreme speeds.
  • Wind Blast - By gathering the wind around his arms thanks to his wind control, Deshawn can release it as a large lazer blast.
  • Moon Drop - By utilizing the final principle of the Wing Road, the rider is able to interface with wind and mould it into dense air. After that, it is used to slam the oppenent into the ground, temporarily incapacitating them.
  • Air Control - The user control a current of air in order to use tricks such as Wind Blast for example.
  • Wild Tornado - Deshawn uses his Air Control trick to form a huge tornado that roams wildly and makes it difficult to attack. Deshawn commonly uses this technique to stall for time in order to form a plan.
  • Wind Sphere - Deshawn uses his Air Control trick to make a sphere in either hand that can be changed in size and power based on how much air is focused into it.
  • Infinity Atmosphere - Wild Tempest - Deshawn creates multiple tornadoes that are powerful enough to throw iron bars and smash buildings, like an abounded warehouse. He first used this in his battle against an unknown rider who was recon for an even bigger threat. Although the tornadoes only happened that one time do to his Air Control trick. Without that, the tornadoes would just be strong, violently wild winds that blow things away and create opening for attacks while making it difficult foor others to attack.