"i hate those people who think they have the right's to Fly higher then other people just beacuse they are stronger. even the weak bird still can soar high in the sky but that pale in size to my hate of gravity child and brain chargers. i will keep this hate to my self"- Tsuiaku to Jeik.

Tsuiaku is the leader of the Cage dragon. he rides the Mountian Road and the Peak King. he is the brother of Aiku and Misuto Gato

Appearance Edit

He is 18 .he is tanned with blue eyes and short brown hair. he wears long white cloaks which covers is face and it reach down to the ground. on the back of the cloak is the The cage dragon emblem. he also wear a red shirt and jeans

Personality Edit

he is very calm and all ways plans his next move. he is very protective of this family, moslty of his younger brother Aiku. he has a very deep hate for Gravity Children and Brain Chargers and he also hates people who stop other from flying

Background Edit

He was born a regular child until the gravity children and brain chargers killed his parents. He was only 10 at the time. So he was left is younger brother and sister to raise and feed so he was working a lot as a kid. He grew a hate for gravity children and bran chargers. He eventually found ats in the trash and decided to fix them up. He loved them it allowed him to sat above the wind. He made a team gat regalia and became the peak king

Abilities and A-T Edit

As a king and A-class rider his R.E.A.D is 397 but later goes up to 436 afther he unlock the final form of his Reglia Rising Peak Clound's peak mode. his shadow is a huge mountain giant

as a rider of the mountian road. he can rider anywhere, land, air and water so he can battle on any surface. he specializes in defence and stop other rider with the mountian road and it all so allows him to soar above everthing even wing rider.

Tricks Edit

Frozen Path - useing the frozen road Tsuiaku can create a path of ice which he can ride on in air by freezeing the water in the sky

Mountian Wall - Tsuiaku create a huge rock wall by riseing the ground with the moutian road. it is use of defence and stoping other riders. this is one of Tsuiaku's infinty Atmopshere tricks.

Mountian Sky Wall - Tsuiaku create a huge wall of air with the wing road. the wall hangs above the emeny.

Speed Mode Rise Jump - by swaping the Regila to speed mode when rise the ground under his feet. Then he jump to soar above everyone

Speed To Power Mode Attack - by swaping the Regila to speed mode to get close. Then swaping the Regila to power to unleash a powerful kick the riders legs.

Speed To power Mode Unlimited Spin - Tsuiaku executes a 360 degree spin, while swaping speed to power to keep the spin going. in theory tsuiaku can keep this spin go for ever.

Power Mode Landslide - after using speed mode rise jump Tsuiaku can swaping to power mode while airbone and then bring his A-T'S down of his enemy.

Cyro Sphere Blast - Tsuiaku shake his right hand to create a ball of ice. then lauches to ball from his A-T's.

Mountian Blast Cannon - by kicking anything made out of rock he break it apart and unleash a volley of Boulders. This is one of Tsuiaku's infinty Atmosphere Tricks

Up Wind Blast - Tsuiaku points at the ground then his the sky and huge blast of air fires people around him in to the air. Infinity Atmosphere: Mountain Force Wall - an enhanced mountain wall it can be used in only peak mode. This move combines ice earth and wind to create and extremely powerful defense wall that can be never broken unless punched or kicked with extreme force (only Van and Daniel and also Riku were able to break it but it took a lot of strength. Peak Hammer: Cylinder- Tsuiaku create a huge cylinder out of earth then fires by kick towards with his A-T's

Tsuiaku X Jeik Mountain Thunder Wall - Tsuaku uses the the mountain wall trick.when Jeik power up the wall with satic energy.

Tsuiaku X Rinda Mountain Forest Metor Drop- Rinda binds and trap with roots from her forest road. then Tsuiaku lauches him and Rinda in two sky. then bring down thier A-T. beacuse of the height of fall ther A-T's see like they were burning up in the sky.

Tsuiaku X Rinda x Jeik- the dragon cage- Rinda creates a trap with a huge forest cage. then Jeik collect satic enegy in his hand. then puches the cage to cover the cage in satic energy which stun any one who touch the cage and finally Tsuiaku lower the ground under the cage. then then the uses the trick Peak Drill: Triangle which crush the cage.

Peak Drill: Triangle- Tsuiku creates a huge triangle out of earth then fires by kick towards with his A-T's. it spins and turns into a drill as it fly in the air and it can all drill undergound and come up under the target.