Van Sahashi is the main protagonist of Souluser1's stories. He is the leader of CrossRoads, a rider of the Wing Road, and later the Sonic Road.



Van appears around 15-17 years of age and has spiky black hair and blue eyes.

Abilities and A-TEdit

As a rider of the Wing Road Van specializes in aerial combat and his attacks mainly consisted of projecting winds to increase his speed and manuverability, while slowing down his opponent. As his skills advance he adapts a more offensive fighting style and incorporates other's techniques into his own style (namely the Sonia and Bloody Roads) creating the Sonic Road. While using the Wing Road his initial R.E.A.D level was 97, which rose to 153 after team training. After creating the Sonic Road, his R.E.A.D level rose to 247.

Van's A-T is Jet Fang the prototype Blast Regalia cores, Razor Wind, based on the Wind, Fang, and Thorn Regalia installed in them. After recieving them, Van's R.E.A.D was 320.


Wing RoadEdit

Van rides on the surface of the wind, giving an appearance of having wings sprouting out from their feet, and an ability to fly.

Moon Drop MissleEdit

Van creates a dense sphere of air and hammers the opponent with it.

Air BeamEdit

Van kicks a blast of compressed air at the opponent.

Sonia's FangsEdit

The Sonic Road's signature trick. A fang technique where the user fires gigantic curving fangs, resembling the Sonia Road's thorn whips, hence the name.

Van & Hitomi Fire Fang GrindEdit

A tag-team trick where Van fires fang which Hitomi grinds, while simultaneously igniting it.

Delta Fang CrossEdit

Van circles the opponent at a blinding speed, firing three fangs at the opponent from three different angles in one swift motion.

Infinite Blast: Storm Fang WaveEdit

Van creates a giant cage of fangs around himself and sphere of rotating winds that expands and blow fangs in every direction blowing away anything it comes into contact with. It is one of Van's Infinity Atmosphere tricks.