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Servant (Takes Care Of The Children)

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No Known Family Other Then The Alfords Who Took Zwei/Noise In

Echo and Zwei are two persons inhabiting the same body. Echo is the servant of adoptive heir to the Alford Family, Alice Alford, with whom she now serves under the Alford Clan. Although Echo serves Alice, her servitude is often shared with Elica, Alices twin sister. Echo and Zwei (also known as Noise) are one(s) of the many servants under the Alford Dukedom. Zwei is known for scaring off unwanted visitors. The Kogarasumaru team was one who she couldn't scare off. Sometimes they talk at the same time, meaning two voices come out of one body at the same time. 


Zwei and Echo are pale and short with shoulder length white hair and magenta eyes. They are 15 years old when first introduced. Their usual outfit consists of a short blue dress with a white collar and short white puffy sleeves with longer blue bell sleeves with frills at the end. The front is white with light blue buttons. Around her neck is short navy blue sailor tie with a white stripe and a light blue button on top On her feet/legs she wears white sock like boots that end at her thighs. On the side of the of these boots are white bows. Unlike Echo, Zwei wears an over-sized traditional crimson cloak. 

  • As Zwei, her eyes become more crazed and spiraled in the iris during Zwei's possession of the body. She also always braids her hair on the right side of her head with a cylindrical hair ornament that continues with seven diamond-shaped beads and ends with a smaller cylinder and a smaller triangular end piece.
  • As Echo, shes more normal then Zwei. She doesn't wear anything in her hair unless someone puts something in her hair.



Zwei is the mirror opposite of Echo, rather than being quiet and reserved, Zwei is loud and outspoken. Zwei treats
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her confrontations as if they were a show she was putting on, and often enjoys provoking her opponents through taunting and using their comrades against them. Zwei's personality seems reminiscent of a child's own personality. Zwei's recklessness, that she shows when she rushes into battle without concerning herself with the consequences, often times ends with Zwei getting hurt in some way. However, Zwei is not only reckless in battle, she's also reckless with her words, as shown when she reveals to Oz that ten years had passed since he'd been cast into the Abyss, when she told Oz that 'Raven' was actually Gilbert and when she told Oz that he was cast into the Abyss because his existence was a great threat to the Baskervilles. Overall, Zwei is a dominant personality, claiming the body she shares with Echo as her own and constantly pushing Echo aside when ever Vincent is in need of Zwei's service


Echo's overall persona appears to be emotionless, fittingly similar to the marionette theme which her
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counterpart. Zwei, uses both when speaking and in fight. However, Echo has been shown to have her own individual personality, she simply has difficulty expressing it. She has displayed her concern for Alice when she gets hurt. Echo was also shown to have been embarrassed greatly when Ikki tries to look up her dress-like outfit. Echo's preferred weapon is a black-bladed short-sword, which she keeps concealed in the sleeve of her dress. Echo also appears to be ambidextrous, able to wield her short-swords equally as skillful with both hands.